This White Noise Machine-Is Not Just For Babies!

We here at The Sleep Hub are excited!

Being strong advocates of natural sleep aids, and avid fans of sleep! we are delighted to have found this little (only 6 x 7 x 2.2″) portable white noise machine for babies. Not least because we know how tough life is when your baby is waking several times a night, but because, well it’s not just for babies! Shhhh…

There are many amazing sound machines on the market aimed at adults, and yes, this small green and white plastic miracle definately looks like it belongs in the nursery, but trust us you will want this in your room too.

*We recommend you don’t borrow it from the nursery lest you are more keen to sleep through your babies wailing than you are to help baby sleep 😉

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We are not sure how this slipped under our radar so long! Currently only $18.40, this little bargain boasts six clear quality sounds: White Noise, Ocean, Thunder, Summer Night, Heartbeat, and Brook.

We have to be honest. ‘Heartbeat’ is rather questionable and is not particularly pleasant (in our opinion) to listen to over the baby monitor! but the others are blissful and work an absolute treat. (A friend’s four month old is waking at most once per night where she was waking up to six times. The effect was immediate)

You can run this on batteries (4 x AA) or use the adapter. You can set a timer or leave it to run constantly.

If you want to drown out the sounds that jolt your baby (or you) awake, such as traffic and other street noise, doors shutting, dogs barking, partners snoring … this is worth $18 of anyone’s money.

You’re welcome 🙂




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