white noise machine for baby

White Noise Machines For Babies

The arrival of a precious baby is very exciting and highly anticipated for both new and experienced parents. However, they soon discover the many challenges and difficulties that comes with raising a child. As much as your adorable bundle brings joy to the entire household, he or she can likewise deprive everyone of very important sleep. There comes a point in time when you become quite thankful to even get an hour of straight slumber! Soon enough, parents find themselves exhausted and even stressed, wishing and wondering when they can possibly take a break. A white noise machine for babies is the ultimate solution!
Exhaustion is more likely to happen to those with other kids around. Working or pregnant moms, and busy hardworking dads may have already become talented jugglers as they struggle to handle all children at once. Well, it doesn’t have to be this way and don’t let the joys of parenthood and cherished baby days fade away. You and your baby, or toddler, will finally get to have some serious sleep with Dohmie! Better sleep means having a better mood, better mind and body, and being generally healthier and a lot happier. What exactly is Dohmie – The Serious Sleep Baby Bundle?

Good Night, Sleep Tight.

The Serious Sleep Baby Bundle gives you everything you need! It’s an all in one helpful package designed to help you provide the highest quality of life to your little one to get the sufficient amount of sleep required for optimal growth and development. It is comprised of the Dohm-NSF white noise machine, the Sleep 101 guide, and the fun Buddy the Bee storybook for a nice bedtime tale and routine. Moreover, for every Dohmie bundle sold, charitable contribution is made which lets you help out others who are in need in your own little way.

This white noise machine for babies is not just a smart innovation in today’s modern times, but one that is actually recommended by experts such as sleep consultants. The Dohm-NSF is recognised by the National Sleep Foundation and is actually its designated official sound conditioner. It is one of the products they deem is the best choice for individuals, which is essential towards acquiring healthy sleep. Every Dohmie item arrives with a Sound Sleep Plan collaborated and developed with the foundation.

Sleep and Bundle Up Anywhere, Seriously

The Dohm-NSF’s compact and lightweight design makes it portable and very convenient to bring anywhere. Your baby’s sleep routine will not be disrupted at all even during the holidays or special occasions when travelling out of town is required. Your child can easily adjust to the hotel or guest room with the same sleeping atmosphere you have at home. There’s no worries of having trouble sleeping even for yourself when you’re at a different house with an unfamiliar environment. The Dohmie Serious Sleep Baby Bundle paves the way for a well-rested, happy parent and child wherever you may be.

What is White Noise?

The Marpac Dohm-NSF sound conditioner helps babies fall asleep, and remain asleep as they should without unnecessary interruptions. It does so by creating a calming and soothing sound similar to gushing and whooshing air, or a gentle fan, known as white noise. This sound that the machine emits is acclaimed to block out certain noises in various frequencies.

White noise can effectively mask exterior noise, such as voices and sounds from siblings playing boisterously while your baby is trying to take a nap. It drowns out loud snoring, barking of dogs, partying neighbours, heavy rainstorms, or the action movie playing on the television. The Dohm-NSF is loud enough to drown out these household noises and other possible nuisances, without being annoying or a distraction in itself. It is built with two sound speeds that allow you to adjust the tone and volume to perfection.

The Dohmie is a white noise machine for babies that’s not just for babies, but for older children, as well as moms and dads too! Everyone who sleeps in the household can benefit from it. All family members will be able to sleep better and get the healthy, quality and quantity, good night’s rest they deserve!

For those on a budget, Dohmie isn’t the only sound machine creating a whir! The Sleep Easy Sound Conditioner is one of the highest rated sound machines available. On Amazon alone it has clocked up almost 2000 four star plus reviews and is currently an absolute steal at $21.99!


Coupled with the incredible book that claims to send your baby to sleep you could find yourselves enjoying many more peaceful nights. The Sleep Hub reviews the book here:








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