Why Wake- Up Lights Are Trending

Why Waking Up To Natural Light Is The Best Way To Start Your Day


Benefits of using a Natural Sunrise Alarm Clock

We all know how difficult it is to wake early in the morning. Most of us struggle to get our feet out of the bed especially at the sound of a screaming alarm clock. However, with the advancement of technology, a million gadgets are produced daily. One of these gadgets is the ever popular wake-up light.
A wake- up light is basically a light programmed to produce artificial dawn in your room in a bid to wake you up in the morning. The light happens gradually, gently pulling you from slumber mode to a wakeful one in a more soothing way, guiding you through a healthy day.

Effectiveness of Wake-up Lights

The human body is designed in a way that when you try waking up in a dark environment, it tends to resist due to the feeling that you ought not to be waking up at that moment. This can result in your mind not fully waking up, thus your body continuing to produce sleeping hormones such as Melatonin. Wake- up lights help in fixing this problem since one experiences artificial sunrise on demand.

Wake- Up Lights vs. Alarm Clocks

One of the common questions asked is if wake-up lights are better than alarm clocks. Well, we cannot rule out on the effectiveness of the traditional alarm clocks in waking you up but the question is; how good is your mood when you hear the blaring tone of the alarm? There are a bunch of issues that are tagged along with waking up to the traditional alarm clock. None of these issues come along with the wake-up light.
Compared to alarm clocks, these more natural alarm clocks have appealing, natural tones that are more relaxing. They start to shine about 30 minutes previous to the set alarm time. It slowly increases from dim to brighter light, similar to natural sunshine. This greatly helps in bringing your body to a lighter sleeping state, enabling you to wake up more easily.

Advantages of Wake- up Light Alarms

The following are some of the benefits of using wake up light:

– Balancing of Melatonin
Light helps in controlling Melatonin levels. This is a light responsive hormone. This means that it should be low in the morning and peak at night, hence using wake- up light alarms to help in balancing this hormone.

– Supporting Morning Cortisol Response
Our body’s cortisol levels should be at peak in the morning, slowly decrease during the course of the day. This is known as the circadian rhythm. Chronic stress can result to irregular cortisol spikes, thus depleting cortisol production. This is commonly known as adrenal fatigue.

– Seasonal Affective Disorder Treatment
Light therapy has often been linked with the treatment of depression as well as seasonal affective disorder, especially during the darker months of winter.

– Getting out of Bed Quicker
When using the traditional alarm method, one tends to snooze the alarm. This is because you are coming from a very deep slumber state. A human body is designed in a way that it is not meant to switch right from a deep sleep to an upright state, making it hard to just jump out of bed. Wake- up lights help in putting you in a lighter state before waking up. This will make it much easier to actually wake up and getting out of the bed.

– Having More Energy when Waking up
When using a wake- up light, you tend to have a high amount of energy. This is because your body is put in a state that is more ready to wake up. One will also wake up in a better state of mind.

The Vansky Deluxe Edition Sunrise Alarm is currently being sold at a crazy cheap price of $39.99 which is a $90 saving (at the time of posting) so if you are looking to buy one, now is the time!  This type of wake- up light gently wakes you up with its natural sounds and light, giving you the much needed relaxing mood in the morning. It can also be used as an atmosphere lamp, bedside lamp, FM radio and alarm clock.

– 2017 Edition: easy to set alarm clock, new snooze and sunset function, touch control.
– Simulated wake up light: gradually lights up 30 minutes to alarm time, gently bringing you from the slumber state.
– 6 natural tones and FM radio that helps you relax.
– 7 color light: it comes with 7 different colors (Green, Warm White, Orange, Blue, Red, Purple, and Indigo).

You can check it out here:


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