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The Best White Noise Machine?

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White noise is defined as a random signal that is continuous and comes out evenly across all audible frequencies. White noise has constant and equal power spectral density across all frequencies. Though an infinite-bandwidth with white noise signal is purely theoretical, an audio signal with a range of relevant band of audible sound frequencies of 20- 2000 Hz is considered to be white noise.

White noise machines produce a random sound, like that of wind blowing through the air or rushing water. Most of these machines do not produce pure white noise but rather pink noise which has a higher and more powerful frequency. These sounds help those suffering from tinnitus to mask their symptoms.

White noise machines are available for different uses, from different manufacturers. They are used for testing audio equipment, as sound masking products, as well as sleep and nap aid machines. A Sleep sound machine is designed to produce soothing sounds mixed or modulated by white noise to mask unpleasant noise and help you sleep.

There are a variety of white noise machines to choose from in the market. Some come with recorded sounds while others are natural white sound generators. However, you should go for a machine that has quality sound and is within your budget.


Here is a review of the three best white noise machines:

Ecotones Sound & Sleep Machine

The Ecotones Sound & Sleep Machine is arguably the best sleep sound machine in the market today. It has quality sound, a sleek design and comes with an adaptive sound technology. Unlike other sleep machines that require you to balance the volume with external noises, this machine detects the volume of external noises and automatically tunes its own volume to match the external noise.

With this machine, you will not need to keep waking up to adjust the volume every time the traffic or other external noise increases.

Other features include:

  • Up to 10 different realistic soundscapes.
  • Randomly generated recordings to prevent looping.
  • A clever external sound reaction and monitoring.
  • Settings that can add extra details to make soundscapes random and realistic e.g. bird sound.
  • A stylish design that can be an accessory in a modern home.
  • A range of timers to have it off after falling asleep.

Though it’s more expensive than most other sleeping machine in the market, selling at $99.99, the Ecotones Sound & Sleep Machine is designed with the customers’ needs in mind.



Through lectrofan may not have all the features found in Ecotones Sound & Sleep Machine, it is still one of the best sleep machines in the market. It comes in a simple design streamlined to carry out the function of a white noise machine at its best.

Lectrofan is easy to operate. It has two main sounds to choose from, white noise and the sound of a running fan. Within each of these two choices, the machine has 10 different settings to help you set the volume and pitch that soothing to your mind and ears.

Other features include;

  • Dynamically generated sounds to avoid looping.
  • Comes with a range of 10 different fan sounds and 10 different white noise sounds including deeper white noise.
  • High volume for large rooms.
  • A timer.
  • A simple, light and compact design ideal for travelling.
  • USB cable supported.

Lectrofan is cheaper than Ecotones Sound & Sleep Machine selling at $54.95. However, it lacks some features like adaptive sound technology and soundscapes.


Marpac Dohm

Marpac Dohm is the best white noise machine producing natural and realistic white noise. Unlike the other discussed machines, this one produces white noise internally with no recordings.

The design is simple with no extra features or annoying flashing lights. It’s designed to produce white noise by pushing air through it and creating the sound of rushing air. The sound is natural, soothing, calming and relaxing.

Though it does not have many buttons to play with, you can control the sound by twisting the collar to increase or decrease the speed of air coming in by altering the space it comes through. This allows you to set the pitch and volume that best works for you.

Key features;

  • It’s the only white sound producing machine that does not use recordings.
  • Comes with a choice of three colors-white, black and beige.
  • Can be customized to the sound of your choice.
  • Simple and sleek design.
  • Light weight and ideal for travelling.

The cons are the limited range of sounds, no timer and lacks lower pitch white noise.

If you are looking for authentic white noise that is not recorded, Marpac Dohm is something you should consider. It’s cheaper than both Lecrofan and Ecotones Sound & Sleep Machine selling at $49.95.


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