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Soothing Sounds For Sleep

Calming Sounds & Music To Help You Fall Asleep

Whether a sound is disruptive or relaxing depends on the individual. We generally find sounds pleasant because we associate them with positive emotions. Some people find the sound of a ticking clock highly irritating, while others find it soothes them. There are many types of sounds out there and if you’re trying to relax to them, then you may want to learn more about the best types you should listen on.

In fact, in order to find out if a particular sound helps you relax, you need to try it for a few nights until you can have a clear understanding of whether it works for you or not. So if you want to sleep better, then you may want to try some of the sounds we’re going to talk about below.

White noise

One of the most common types of noise, white noise, has the power to mask all other sounds and that’s because it effectively combines all of them in one sound pattern. In fact, it’s so helpful that it is used by millions of people suffering from insomnia in order to help them sleep better. However, if you do want to try listening to white noise, you may want to avoid those cheap apps you can find anywhere online, since they can cause nerve damage and permanently damage your hearing. Instead, you may want to replace them with a white noise machine. (See a list of the best selling noise machines at the end of this post)

The sounds of nature

The sound of rainfall, thunderstorms, rainforest animals and ocean was are some of the most pleasant sounds that a lot of people love falling asleep to. The reason these sounds can make us fall asleep faster is because they don’t include fluctuations in frequency and amplitude. However, if you plan on using ocean sounds, make sure you have a toilet nearby. That’s because the sound of water can make you want to use the toilet.

Pink noise

Pink noise is basically acoustic energy that’s evenly distributed by octave throughout the entire audio spectrum. What’s really interesting about pink noise is that it occurs naturally in a few natural systems, such as traffic flow, quasar luminosity, but also your heartbeat rhythms. It’s probably because of the latter that people find it so relaxing that they can immediately fall asleep to it.

Brown noise

Did you know that brown noise also includes blue, pink and white noise? As where its name stems from, it comes from botanist Robert Brown whom you may have already studied in school. But if you don’t know who Robert is, you should know he’s the one who discovered the Brownian motion in the eighteen hundreds.

What makes brown noise relaxing is the fact that it has an inversely proportional spectral density, so while its frequency increases, its power decreases. This means that if you are to play it at lower frequencies, it has a lot more power than when you play it at higher frequencies. But enough with the scientific explanations and let’s see why this type of noise is so relaxing to the human ear.

Well, brown noise is extremely similar to the sound of a low roar and people usually associate it with a strong waterfall. That’s probably the reason why so many find it very relaxing and the perfect sound to fall asleep to.

Relaxing music

Relaxing music comes in a wide range of forms, but we can easily distinguish two categories: beatless relaxing music and relaxing music with a beat. Obviously, out of the two, the former is the one that can help you fall asleep faster, since there is no beat. But talking about relaxing music is extremely hard, since it involves thousands upon thousands of sounds and each of them have a different frequency that affects your mood in a different way.

In general though, relaxing music incorporates mellow sounds, which can be electronic or produced by instruments (pianos, percussion instruments such as guitars and so forth). By inducing a positive mood, relaxing music not only helps you fall asleep faster, but also has various healing properties which can greatly improve your overall health. (See the best-rated relaxing music below)

As you can see, if you’re having trouble falling asleep or maybe suffer from tinnitus and want to find a good way to block out that annoying ringing in your ears, these types of sounds can bring you the relief you’re looking for. By playing them every night, you’ll be able to sleep better and wake up in the morning feeling completely rested and ready for a new day!


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