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5 Bizarre Ways to Nap At Work

Ways to Nap At Work- The Sublime to the Ridiculous!


We don’t all work for the likes of Google, Nike or Ben & Jerry’s, who all provide their staff with sleep pods or dedicated napping areas, yet this doesn’t mean our daily work efforts don’t deserve, nay, require some R&R time built into our work day!

When you are grinding to a halt and you know a little cat nap will you get you going again we sometimes have to be inventive and resourceful. So, let’s look at some options:

1. Nap Under the desk

Napping under the working desk only works if you work in an office or cubicle where the space under your desk is not visible from the hallway. Position the working desk such that its back is at the cubicle of door opening. A folded jacket or a daypack makes a great pillow.

There are two ways to sleep under your desk, either you get a Nap Desk by Studio NL or use Schnap Hammock.

· Using a Nap Desk by Studio NL

This is a nap desk with a lower open deck that acts like a bed. From an outward appearance, it looks like a normal workstation but the front of the desk can slide out and become a cot while the side panel has an elevated headrest. It is perfect for a quick nap any time of the day when you feel drained by work and you need to rejuvenate.

sleep at work with a nap desk



· Using Schnap Hammock.

Schnap Hammock package contains two clamps, two table protectors and the hammock itself. It is quite easy to install; simply place the protectors on the opposite edges of the working table, tighten the clamps around them and string the hammock between the two clamps. Though it is not available to the public yet, Schnap Hammock will be a perfect solution to anyone who wants to take a comfortable and quick nap in the office.

Of course there is the risk that someone will come to the cubicle or office while you are sleeping under the desk but the fact that they may not see you will allow you to take your nap peacefully. Personally, we feel all desks at work and university should come equipped with these!

Follow the Schnap Hammock Facebook page to learn when it becomes available.

schap hammock under desk hammock




2. Nap at your desk.

This works best in workstations or cubicles located out of the general flow of people so that you are not distracted.

Simple rotate your chair so that its back faces the hallway, put folders or a clipboard on your lap and hold a pencil such that it looks like you are writing something.

Now hold the telephone with the other hand as if you are expecting a call and balance yourself so that you head is supported by the torso. This sleeping position will take time to master, but once you have mastered it, you will be able to sleep without much disturbance as your workmates have the impression that you are busy working.


Or…there’s the good ‘ol disguise
sleep hub



Or the Sleep Safe Eye Tape

sleep at work secretly

If your office allows you to take short naps when you feel drained, you can consider getting an Ostrich Pillow for a comfortable nap on the working desk.


nap pillow for work


Buy your Ostrich Pillow here


3. Nap in the restroom.

Every office has a restroom that is not much visited especially if it is a busy office. Usually, restrooms are located on a floor that is less populated or at the back of the building.

Once you cannot keep your eyes open any longer, leave your workstation with either a briefcase or a big document. Also carry manila folders so that your workmates think you are going for a meeting somewhere else.

Sit on the furthest stall from the door place the document or briefcase on your lap and support your face on the elbows. You can sleep in this position as long as you remain undistracted then walk back to the office with a smile.

Why not take your Ostrich pillow with you!

nap in the loo!



4. Nap in the conference room.

Unlike offices, conference room’s doors do not have windows. For this reason, you can set up a meeting in the smallest conference room only that you will not invite.

Go to the meeting, close the door and seat on a chair that is close to the door so that you can immediately wake up when anybody gets in.

Your coworkers will assume that there is a meeting going on and will not even bother to open door allowing to have a peaceful nap time. However, just in case anyone open, just pretend you are expecting someone.

5. Get a workaholic pillow

This is a pillow inside a book cover. It means that if you get caught taking the much needed nap, it will look like you have been working but accidentally fell asleep. This pillow can be folded up and placed on the working desk without anyone knowing what it is. Imported from Japan

workaholic pillow

workaholic pillow


How do you take your workday naps?




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