Sleep Well While Travelling (kids too!)

People that travel, for work or pleasure, are too often left jaded by their being unable to sleep well in an unfamiliar environment. The impact can be huge. The business meetings become a slog to drag yourself through, and those leisure days are not fully enjoyed to the max due to a tired body and mind. Not to mention the nightmare of over-tired kids!

Sleeping is not just about falling asleep. You also need to sleep soundly. The quality of sleep one can have is affected by the lighting conditions in the bedroom and the noise around the bedroom. What you need to counter all these sleeping distractions is a dark bedroom (not every hotel has lined curtains, so take a top of the range eye mask like this one -currently half-price-eye mask) and a device to cancel all background noises around you. This is where a mini travel sleep sound machine is a Godsend for everyone, but particularly for the travelling person who may need sound in a quiet environment, or those who are desperate to block out street noise, banging hotel doors, other people’s wake- up calls etc.


The following two sleep sound machines offer unique features that anyone looking for a good sleep will enjoy. They are the best we have found anywhere at time of print.

The Sound + Sleep Mini

This highly-rated sleep sound machine is small in size (11.5 x 10.5 x 6.5 inches ) and weighs 1.7 pounds.  It is available in five different colors. These are White/Silver, black, black large/white mini, white, and black/white. It produces natural sounds that easily sooth someone to sleep like the Ocean, Rain, Brook, Fireplace, Meadow, and Waterfalls. The Fireplace being a personal favourite during the cold months. The sounds are not on a loop either so are seemless. The MINI also includes 4 fan sounds & 12 white/pink/brown noises. An absolute bargain when compared to some full size sound machines, as these pack just as much punch yet come in a small package.

The sound options are incredibly good. For example if you want to hear the sea with or without seagulls, no problem. If you want listen to rain, rain with thunder, or rain with wind, can do! The baby category is a nice touch and for us pushes this little machine way up to the top of the list. Baby sounds include Undersea whales, Invasion of the whales, Heartbeat and Aviary.

For slightly older children perhaps they will enjoy the ‘ride’ sounds. Car, plane, train and paddle boat. Adaptive sound really have thought of everything!



Adaptive feature

The SOUND+SLEEP MINI redefines the science of sleep. Patented Adaptive Sound technology has the ability to continuously and automatically “listen” to your background for unwanted and disruptive ambient noise. in less than a tenth of a second, the MINI responds to intrusive noises by remixing sound profiles and adjusting volume to neutralize outside sounds


Product specifications

• It offers 12 unique categories with 48 different sounds. .

• It has a sleep timer that allows you to play it all night or turn off in 30, 60, or 90 minutes. You won’t have to wake up to turn it off and it won’t turn off if you need it to stay on!

• It can be powered using AC, USB or battery power. You do not have to worry about how to power it at all.

• You can also play your favorite music from your laptop, tablet, smartphone, iPod or mp3 player.

This sleep sound machine is the cream of the crop if you want to sleep well anywhere at any time. It costs $ 74.99 and ships free for a number selected locations.



The Sleep Sounder



This sleep sound machine is rated at 5 stars by 73% of its users. It is able to play far fewer sounds than the Mini boasting only 12 natural sounds but you can download any new sounds from their website totally free thanks to its memory card. It is currently under $50 (in sale at time of print)


Bluetooth wireless technology makes it perfect when travelling. When combined with its reliable lithium battery, (which gives 8 hours of wireless use) it gives you maximum convenience anywhere you go. It also has FM radio.  Plus also a slot for the SD card. If you have a list of your own sleeping sounds, you will find this feature very useful. Plus, it has a 3.5 headphone jack.

It measures just 6.5 x 5.5 x 3 inches and weighs just 5 ounces making it extremely portable. It is available in black or white. Some of its sounds include Fireplace, running stream, heartbeat, tropical forest and summer night. You can also play from your phone.


If you are not satisfied with this sleep sound machine, the manufacturer offers you a chance to return it and get a full refund! The manufacturer has complete confidence in this product, you can be sure it will perform and pass your expectations.



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