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Sleep Aid Kit 2017

Helping You Sleep Naturally in 2017


Often with sleep, it is the routine we take that can make or break our promise of a decent night’s sleep. Waking after a solid sleep at the right time, feeling refreshed and rejuvanated can be an elusive dream (pun intended) in adulthood.

When I was a child I slept my best when I stayed at my Grandparents’ house. I didn’t sleep there often. The room was always pitch black, and the blankets way too heavy, yet I slept the soundest sleeps I ever had whilst staying there. Why? As an adult I now know exactly why. It was a comforting evening ritual. Familiar little delights coupled with the right mix of things in the bedroom. Things I have recreated in adulthood to ensure I sleep sound.

As bedtime approached the TV glare was replaced by low-level lighting and music, while we all read or completed a crossword puzzle. The only sounds were relaxing rhythmic sounds (except the occasional trilling of their Budgie!) like the ticking of a Grandfather clock (this sound still makes me sleepy to this day).

Warm milk and two malted-milk biscuits were taken before being tucked into the darkest room ever! I always felt slightly uneasy at first, but the blankets that I had always felt restricted my movement were pulled over me, and that was usually the last I would know until I awoke refreshed and ready for the next day.

What did I learn from this?

Bedding is everything!! For someone who has difficulty sleeping one of the first things we suggest is ensure your bed is a decent one. If you cannot afford a new mattress then a mattress topper can make all the difference.

Secondly, a decent duvet with quality covers. There is a reason hotels favour Egyptian Cotton. Your skin can breathe, allowing your body temperature to stay stable, while the weight of it stays around your body rather than revealing little pockets of air when we turn at night, which in turn creates a chill and can lead to awakening. Find Egyptian cotton sheets on Ebay, or Amazon. These are the best Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover we have found. Currently over $50 off!

Thirdly, blackout curtains. Buy blackout curtains in their entirety, or a black- out blind, or both! or simply line the ones you have. No more early waking! If you cannot afford or do not desire these, then a decent sleep mask can do the trick. The best sleep mask we have found is this one.

Other vitally important aspects of sleep are what you do or don’t eat and drink before bed see: Six Proven Foods to Help You Sleep.

The scents and sounds you surround yourself with: Play some relaxing music. See our article about the most relaxing piece of music ever made. Fall asleep in 8 minutes to this song or invest in a Sleep Sound Machine.

Still the best rated in 2017 is the Ecotones Sound Machine, but there are dozens of others worth investigating

Last but not least, why not try some soothing herbal tea before bed? Tim Ferris (of The Four- Hour Work Week) himself reportedly drinks Yogi Herbal Tea to help him sleep.

We are going to enjoy trying these!

Scented candles (extinguished before you sleep of course) or an aromatherapy oil diffuser can wrap you up in the most relaxing scents and lure you to a deep sleep. This great little kit is currently only $16.95 instead of $69.95 (at time of posting) which makes a lovely gift to yourself (or someone else)


Let us know what works for you.


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