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Sense Sleep Monitor Machine Review


These days, it can be quite difficult for a person to get a decent sleep at night. With the stresses of working that often follows people home, keeping up with all the day’s news and the constant shining of light of computer screens and smart phones throwing our circadian rhythms off beat,  few people can manage a restful eight hours. While technology advancement is at least partially to blame for lack of sleep today, it can also be very helpful in restoring a proper balance.


What is the Sense Sleep Monitor Machine?

Sense is an attractive and simple to use device for monitoring your sleep. It normally sits on the nightstand and it can also monitor your entire bedroom for any potential sleep disturbances. Sense is basically an orb-like bedside sleep monitoring device, about the size of the tennis ball. Looking like the futuristic bird’s nest, the device comes in 2 colors, charcoal and white and it’s powered by microUSB connectors.

This is a sensor that measures light, sound, humidity, temperature and even the amount of dander and dust in the air. The device can send all this information to an application on your smart phone and then compile the data. It can also provide active feedback depending on the color. When the ball lights green, then you are good to go to bed. However, if it lights red, there is a factor that shall inhibit your sleep and affect the sleep quality greatly. Yellow simply means that the conditions might be better, but it is still manageable. As for the sleep pill, it’s basically a small accelerometer that’s used for measuring your tossing, waking and turning. This also feeds into the application to give a more detailed view of your sleep

Design and construction

Sense Sleep Monitor is one of the good-looking and easy-to-use smart home products to live with. It’s not just a sleep tracker device that you will put round the wrist nor one that you have pop under your mattress. The device comes in 2 parts. Its main unit is discreet, small and sits looking pretty well on the bedside table having been plugged to the source of power. Aesthetically, it is a pleasure that you should have in the bedroom. The unit houses all environmental sensors along with computational brains of operation.

The other unit is known as Sleep Pill and you can take 2 of them (for you and your partner depending on your preferences). However, it’s important to note that the second one will cost you an extra $ 49. The sleep Pill clips on the edge of the pillow and it has the gyros and accelerometers for detecting your movement at night. The pill stays in constant communications with its main hub through Bluetooth and it also comes with a battery that can last for a year.

Set-up is a breeze – even with 2 Pills – and two people can actually connect to the main hub using your own private Sense applications that shall display all sleep data and then impart specific pieces of advice for each of them.


The Sense Sleep Monitor Machine has a number of sensors that are specially-designed for measuring ambient temperature, proximity, sound, humidity, light and airborne particles. The device also glows in different colors in response to the changes in lighting within your room, and when you wave the hand over it.

The machine also has a speaker that sounds alarms and plays white noise clips till you have fallen asleep. All the above functions can also be accessed in the companion application.


Sense’s smartphone application, available for iOS and Android, lets you control each and every feature of this device and also view your sleep statistics.

It features a very simple interface that’s quite easy to navigate. It also presents detailed information on several parameters, including light, temperature and air quality in your room, how much you moved, if there were any kind of noises at night and how much deep sleep you received.

You can also view the data for previous nights, the past week and also the current month. Furthermore, the app also displays some cards with information on how well you sleep along with the consistency of your waking when compared comparison with the other Sense users. The app functions are:

· Timeline – It enables you to view an analysis of your sleeping patterns and also see how minor interruptions to your sleep, such as turning and tossing, can impact on quality of your rest.

· Sleep Score – This is a personalized Sleep Score that’s based on your room conditions and how you slept at night.

· Smart Alarm – The alarm wakes you up during the lightest parts of your sleep cycle. You can choose from 15 in-built sounds

· Sleep Insights – These are based on your sleeping patterns. Sense normally gives you personalized suggestions for improving your sleep quality

. Sound machine – Play several ambient sounds to help you sleep


· Easy to use

· Accurate sleep tracking

· The device does not have to be worn or even be attached to the bed

· Competitively priced as compared to other models in the market

· Helps send you to sleep



· It lacks a snooze mode

· Clip-on Sleep Pill can be quite tricky to fit


Final Verdict

If you are looking forward to learning more on how you sleep and also get better rest, then Sense is an ideal choice for you. Not only does the device present a wealth of data which you can use to sort most of your bedroom conditions and also track your sleep, it also features a handy alarm together with the night sound player.

Even though it’s a bit pricier as compared to other models in the market today, Sense is significantly good-looking and comes with much higher build quality. In addition, it can work with a second 50 dollars Sleep Pill for your partner. This is certainly handy in case both of you experience trouble while sleeping.


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