scared to sleep

Are You Scared to Sleep?

Causes, Symptoms and Cures of Somniphobia

People battling conditions like Insomnia will try all avenues available to them so that they can get to shut their eyes at night and keep them shut until the morning! However, there are people who find bed- time very uncomfortable and persistently experience panic attacks as this time approaches. This experience or feeling is what is referred to as Somniphobia, and being scared to sleep can have a huge impact on ones life.

In the past, people that suffered from this type of phobia did not tend to come out and share their problem. Often because they thought of themselves as unusual. However, in recent times more and more people have come open about their situation and finally the fear to sleep is finally receiving its fair share of attention allowing people that have battled with this condition to finally get solutions.

There are a number of things that could cause one to develop the fear of sleep. There are no cases that have been reported to be present since birth and most of the individuals that have been diagnosed with the condition can attest that it has not always been part and parcel of them. Some of the things that have largely been blamed for this phobia are things like traumatic experiences, nightmares, genetics and hereditary traits. However, it is worth noting that this is just like any other phobia and the pattern of causes is similar to those of others.

One may not be able to realize that they are suffering with somniphobia or could be in denial about having a phobia. Nevertheless, there are a variety of symptoms that could help you understand if what you have is Somniphobia (also known as Clinophobia). Some of the symptoms that are associated with Somniphobia, though differ depending on severity of the condition, can include shortness of breath around bed time, irregular heartbeat, excessive sweating, extreme anxiety and nausea. You may also fail to be able to articulate words properly around the same time and a dry mouth could be another way that you can use to tell whether what you have is Somniphobia. If these symptoms are consistent with what you could be going through, then it is vital that you see a doctor as soon as possible.

Because of the lack of enough and proper sleep, there are a variety of effects that this kind of condition could cause. The importance of covering this is that one gets the scope of things and understands just how detrimental ignoring professional attention could be. Fatigue due to lack of sleep is among the most notable effects. However, a low immune system, reduced awareness or inability to focus and mood swings are other side effects that could be catastrophic to one’s life if not attended to.

There are a variety of treatments that have overtime proven to be effective though it is worth having in mind that people are different and the severity of the condition could greatly affect the kind of treatment that could work for you. For starters, one may be prescribed medication to help cope with the situation. However, just like in the case of other phobias, it is important to note that medications do not cure Somniphobia. What it does is suppress the system and make the process more bearable and as such you may want to look for a longer lasting process.

One way to go about this would be to talk to somebody, namely a professional. This is because, a professional will be able to help you uncover when and what started the problem. Additionally, they will be able to walk you through the process and help you overcome your underlying problems. This might not be the best experience for you but I can assure you the relief and health benefits you will feel at finally being able to relax into a good nights sleep without fear is worth the time and effort required.

Other forms of therapy that could come in handy in treating Clinophobia include behavioral therapy, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy as well as counseling. Just remember that what works for another person may not work for you so if a certain process doesn’t work for you, don’t give up. Try another one.

Phobias can take a huge chunk of one’s life from them. However, with the right help and support they can be suppressed or even eradicated all together. It is important that you get help the sooner the better to save you all the trouble and suffering.

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