sleep diary for sleep courseAn online sleep course could be a godsend if you are suffering with insomnia. It is easy to find books about sleep disorders, read articles on sites such as this one, or even share stories on sleep forums, but with these online sleep courses you gain access to years, or even decades of sleep specialists experience. Some sleep courses offer the same therapy as that used to treat patients inside the sleep clinics.


Instant access to the programmes, full-support and professional  resources; plus a sense of self- gratification in knowing you are proactively tackling your own sleep problems, makes sleep courses a worthwhile investment.

This list of online sleep courses will grow as I find reputable programmes, so do check back 🙂, as featured at LifeHacker,  is a fantastic site that is home not only to a huge range of helpful articles but also to an online clinically proven programme to help you overcome insomnia.

Co- founded by Professor Colin Espie, who has been researching sleep and insomnia for over 30 years and has published over 200 scientific papers and has *5 books under his belt, and Peter Hames; an ex-insomnia sufferer.

*Prof. Colin Espie’s UK books can be found here. USA books can be found here


There are three pricing plans available for the six-week course. For less than the price of a (sleepless) night in a hotel you could very well cure your insomnia with this C.B.T based course!

Currently only available in UK but soon to be launched in America is this six-week therapy course developed by Dr. Kirstie Anderson, one of the UK’s foremost sleep specialists and one of the few consultant neurologists to specialise in sleep.

The entire course is just £59. It is clinically proven, and approved by the NHS. GP’s in selected areas are even prescribing it!

The sleep course has four-steps: Assessment, Diagnosis, Sleep Diaries and Sleep Therapies.








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If your sleeping problems are getting you down and you have decided to finally do something about it, one of these highly- regarded online sleep courses (that cost less than the price of one night away!) could be the perfect solution
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