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How Noise Will Help You Sleep

How Noise Will Help You Sleep Better

According to sleep experts, surrounding environment plays a vital role when it comes to getting an undisturbed sleep. Lighting, uncomfortable mattress and disturbing noises can interrupt your sleep making you feel drowsy in the morning. While you can actually improve the lighting condition and buy a suitable mattress, you cannot however control disturbing noises. These noises may include traffic noise, dog barks, and TV noises. Some people are blessed with the ability to sleep through any kind of noise but for everyone else it can be a reason for getting incomplete sleep. Now there is no possible way you can control the noise coming into your bedroom from outside. However, you can mask these background sounds using a special type of sound signals.


What is ambient noise?


Known as ambient noise, white noise, sleep sounds, and masking noise, these artificial sounds can be used to cover background noises enabling you to create an environment perfect for sleep. Ambient noise is not musical at all but sounds like TV or radio static. This type of sound overpowers any other noise in the surrounding environment creating a disturbance free ambiance. This is why some office uses ambient noise to create a comfortable workspace for their employees.



Why doesn’t ambient noise itself cause any disturbance in sleep?


Now to answer the most obvious question in your mind, white noise by itself doesn’t cause any in disturbance in sleep. Our brain ignores consistent background noises. This is why people have no trouble sleeping with the constant sound of the air conditioner or the fan. This is because the consistent pattern of the sound trains the brain to ignore it. In some cases people even get used to these consistent sound patterns and have trouble sleeping without them as their brain expects the sound every time they go to sleep. However, our brain is also tuned to respond to startling noises. This is why even the faintest barks, screeches, and horns can cause an alarm and disturb your sleep.



How to create ambient noise?


There are countless devices and gadgets available in the market that has the ability to create ambient noise that can mask the disturbing noises. All you need to do is find a solution that suits your budget and need.


Standalone Devices:


There are more than a few devices are specifically built for this purpose. These standalone machines can create a variety of ambient noises from waterfall to consistent jungle noises. Although you have to shell out extra to buy these machines, these sleep sound machines usually comes with loads of pre recorded ambient noises and can give your DVD player a break. You can read about the best current sound machine options >here<


Other Alternate Devices:


Smartphone: There are many free apps available in the market that are specifically made to create ambient noises. So if you don’t want to spend money to buy an independent device you can always download these apps and play it before you hit the bed.


Mp3 Player: A simple Google search is all you need to find ambient noise audio files. So if you have a mp3 player, download these files play them before going to sleep.


Radio: You can use a radio to create ambient noise. All you need to do tune in to a blank frequency in between stations. This will create the typical radio static noise, which is perfect for masking sound.