Let’s Look At LectroFan Sleep Machines

The LectroFan White Noise Sleep Machine

With their ever- increasing popularity we thought we would take a closer look at LectroFan.

Sound machines are no longer just an amazing natural sleep aid in the bedroom, but can now be found at some work stations to drown out the sound of the busy office environment. They are in dentists waiting areas, counselling rooms, and even some hotel rooms (genius!)

Adaptive Sound Technologies is a leading supplier of sound masking machines and currently dominate the market in several countries.


LectroFan 10 Fan 10 White Noise machine

This LectroFan White Noise Sleep Machine produces a constant non-loop sound that has not been recorded. It is generated through their proprietary algorithm for a unique non-repeating sound. The product has unmatched features including ten fan sounds, ten white noises, multi-hour timer and is loaded with options for every situation you are in.

With this product, you can now mask all disruptive noises so you can fall asleep easily. It is now possible to drown out those noisy neighbors, barking dogs, traffic, household and construction noises for peaceful sleep, work or conversation. Use it to lull babies or adults to sleep and keep your conversations private. It comes with settings for all the situations you may find yourself.

Product Description
The LectroFan has a simple design with no moving parts making it very safe for any user, energy efficient and last longer compared to other white noise machines using motors. With over 50 levels of volume control in one decibel increments, it is easy to find the perfect environment for your needs.

The white LectroFan White Noise Sleep Machine is designed to drown out disturbing noises either using the fan or by producing white noise both with ten non-repeating sounds that can be adjusted for unique decibels depending on your environment. It works so well in soundproofing rooms so you can have private conversations without the hissing or any part of your conversation getting out. There is no better way to reduce disruptive noises. This little machine also creates a relaxing environment for meditation and yoga any time of the day.

Product Details
– Dimensions of the product: 4.4 x 2.2 x 4.4 inches
– Shipping Weight: 1.2 pounds
– UPC: 730669484483
– Item model number: ASM1007-FFP
– Customer review: it has a 4.5-star rating on Amazon from 5,683 customers.  


LectroFan Jr. with 6 White Noise Sounds, 6 Fan sounds, and Nursery Rhymes



This product is designed using state-of-the-art technology that generates dynamic non-repeating sounds that steadily eliminates any distractions better that the loping sound common among other competing brands in sound elimination.

The LectroFan White Noise Sleep Machine is useful in helping your baby fall asleep and sleep longer in spite of the surrounding disturbances that may otherwise disrupt their daytime nap. Its portability makes the product a part of your baby’s sleep routine since you can use it anywhere anytime. The 12 white noise options make this product unmatched in the market providing sleep therapy even for the lightest sleepers. Its 18 classic nursery rhymes make this product the more important for your baby’s playtime and to create fun. It has no motor or a moving part meaning it is safe even if left near the baby.

It professionally balances the trusted technology of the LectroFan brand with playful nursery songs to provide your baby with a playful environment and sets the tone for a lovely day. Its non-repeating white noise sounds and uniquely engineered to provide your newborn all the sleep they require. You no longer have to worry about household noises, traffic, unexpected noises during a journey and disruptive neighbors. The volume control allows you to set the right white noise level and the 60-minute sleep timer can ensure your baby sleeps in any new environment.

The LectroFan White Noise Sleep Machine is compact and can be used in baby nurseries, busy neighborhoods, apartments, day care centers, any sleep environment and a household with many children. It is easy to travel with this product from LectroFan due to its small size and powerful noise masking effects. You can bring along the regular sounds from home as you travel so your baby gets their regular familiar sleep environment no matter where you are.
Product details
– Color: White with blue or pink
– Shipping Weight: 1 pound
– UPC: 612524468367
– Customer reviews: 4.4-star rating from 107 customers.



LectroFan – Micro

Equipped with one ocean sound, four white noises and five fan sounds, this micro wireless speaker system Lectrofan White Noise Sleep Machine is very compact and easy to use. Its swivel design allows you to direct the speaker for projecting the sound to specific directions to achieve full room sound. Its Bluetooth speaker system allows one to listen to music through the speakers in the LectoFan when you connect it to a smartphone.

You can easy pack it for traveling due to its small size. Enjoy the benefits of a steady white noise wherever you go and even during the travel. The rechargeable battery lasts 16 hours for sleep sounds and can take you for 6 hours when streaming audio. It can be recharged through the included USB cable.

Product Description
The LectroFan Micro is an ideal sound machine portable for use anywhere and can be used to create a relaxed environment, lull baby to sleep, keep one sleeping even in a disruptive environment and provide privacy for conversation. The wireless Bluetooth speaker system can also be used to stream music from a smartphone or any compatible device. It is a must pack device whenever you travel since it takes little space and is convenient wherever you are.

What makes it unique?
Its proprietary software generates the unique sounds that run without the disruptive looping like other products. The device uses an advanced sound synthesis technology to produces gentle surf sound that can make you think you are at the beach relaxing. The product is tiny but has the capability to produce loud sounds when needed. It allows you to share music with family using the Bluetooth speakers and an extended battery life of 6 hours.

The LectroFan White Noise Sleep Machine is small but very efficient in keeping your conversations from a neighbor, therefore, creating privacy. As much as it keeps surrounding noises out, this product also works to keep your talking from reaching the ears of those you do not want to hear. Its compact size gives you a lot of freedom to travel with the device whenever you leave home. It takes a very small space that is insignificant to your package. LectroFan have also bought this model out in White.

Technical Details
– Brand: LectroSound
– Weight: 4.8 ounces
– Dimensions: 2.8 x 2.8 x 2 inches
– Model number: ASM1017-K
– UPC: 897392002312
– Battery: 1 lithium ion
– Color: Black, or White


LectroFan have really earned their fan base and we can see why their noise machines are so popular. With four products covering all occasions, and their neat compact designs it is no wonder they are consistently top rated for their sound machines.

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