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Introducing… The Only Sleep App You Will Ever Need!

It is cheap as chips! It’s an app you can download immediately and you could be sleeping sound tonight! What’s not to love?


Finally after four attempts I can tell you about this amazing guided meditation app. Why four attempts? Well because it is that effective I didn’t make it to the end until last night when I listened earlier in the evening and deliberately didn’t follow the induction!


Personally, I don’t usually have as much trouble falling asleep as I do staying asleep. Still, those who do have trouble falling asleep are raving about this, and bragging that they never make it to the end.  Andrew Johnson (the hypnotist we can thank on behalf of many a reformed insomniac) himself says it takes about three weeks for it to work properly (as it takes this long to break old habits, and learn new ones generally) but, for three nights now I have woke during the night (though less often) but been so sleepy that I was straight back off before I could form a full thought…bliss! I will be adding most of Andrew’s apps to my phone as finding a short meditation that actually works for me has been a revelation and now I want to see what else I can tweak in my life!


Andrew trained in Clinical Hypnotherapy with the London College of Clinical Hypnosis in 1996 and what he learned there changed his life, and is now changing the lives of many with this app and many others (his weight loss app works too!!) His soft Scottish accent is simply dreamy and I guess as a good hypnotist should, he makes any doubts I have fall away as soon as I begin listening; it is just me and his mesmerizing voice in the world and that voice has the ability to change things!


You can purchase the apps on Amazon and install them on your computer or mobile device. You will not be asked to accept permissions during the installation process. The app is so simple to use. Another great aspect about this application is that there are no ads. You will find a button that allows you to access other applications by Andrew Johnson but this is not an intrusive feature, and in this case I would suggest you check them out.


It is possible to customize the length of the induction on this app. You can either choose a long or short introduction depending on your preferences. The application allows you to play its main program about nine times so for the more resistant among us, you won’t be stirred by an abrupt end should you find yourself semi-conscious at the end. You may have to experiment with the application a few times until you get an induction length that suits your needs.



The recording on this application is flawless and this makes it easier for you to fall and remain asleep for as long as you want. Headphones work best but I have tried both with the same effect. You will find the recording comforting and this is precisely what you need when you are tired and need a restful night. It will only take you a few minutes to download this application on your mobile phone or tablet. So if you have been having some sleeping problems, download this app and enjoy a deeper sleep tonight.

USA readers…



Andrew Johnson has around 19 applications that are available instantly on and The applications cover various aspects of life including:

  • Healing
  • Smoking cessation
  • Relaxation
  • Sleep


His other applications include:

  • Relaxing Holidays
  • Relax with Andrew Johnson
  • Lose Weight
  • Don’t Panic with Andrew Johnson
  • Move On with Andrew Johnson
  • Stop Procrastinating
  • Power Nap with Andrew Johnson
  • Quit Drinking
  • Disconnect
  • Stress Free
  • Public Speaking
  • Exam Prep with Andrew Johnson
  • Positivity with Andrew Johnson
  • Quit Smoking
  • Success with Andre Johnson
  • Positive Pregnancy

Check out Andrew’s site at






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