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Best Sound Machines for Adults and Children

The Very Best Sound Machines For Everyone!

Sound machines for adults and children aren’t a new concept in sleep aids but the latest gadgets are certainly pushing the boundaries in terms of innovation as well as user-friendly features. Gone are the crackling, hissy sound machines of yesteryear…the new generation have clean, crisp audio and brilliant choices in terms of sound. Whether you’re looking for a way to drown out noise pollution or just need a relaxing sound to take you gently into a sound sleep, you won’t find it difficult to identify your ideal sound machine.


Sound and noise have a profound effect on our sleep quality as well as our sleep patterns. We’ve all suffered the horrible shock of being startled awake by a sudden and unexpectedly loud noise such as a car backfiring or a passing ambulance…but what about those people who are hyper-sensitive to noise? They can suffer disrupted sleep all night long due to sounds which are almost imperceptible to other people; things like distant car alarms, passing traffic, creaking water pipes and even conversation from neighbours.


White noise can help to block out these invading noises and most sound machines offer a white noise option which is great news for those who find a good quality night’s sleep hard to come by. Others may find it hard to fall asleep due to a lack of sound and so a sound machine which introduces the calming babble of water, or the peaceful hum of a city at night can aid their ability to drift off.


There are many excellent sound machines out there for both children and adults; some of the best are right here for you to discover.See a chart with The Best Sound Machines here (opens new tab) See a chart with The Best Sound Machines for children and babies here (opens new tab)


Sound Machines for Adults


First up is the Ecotones Sound and Sleep Machine by Adaptive Sound Technologies Inc. This is a bit of a wonder machine due mainly to its ability to adapt to and react to the environment…as intrusive sounds enter your zone, the Eco Sound + Sleep Machine will notice and adjust automatically to ensure that you and your sleep are not affected. Those small but annoying noises which disturb so many people as they slumber can be minimized by this clever unit.

The Eco Sound + Sleep Machine has 10 carefully developed sound profiles which have been selected to maximise relaxation and to help you to completely give in to the body’s need for sleep…but that’s only the beginning! The machine effectively “DJ’s” as you sleep; it mixes a selection of long lasting sounds so that you never listen to the same combination twice. This means that you’ll never fall into a pattern of listening and you will be listening to each combination with no preconceived thought process at all.


Eco Sound + Sleep Machine boasts a variety of sounds including a gentle brook, a waterfall, a crackling fireplace a meadow and even a city or train. There are also white, pink and brown noise options (*see footnote for brief summary of coloured noise) as well as a meditation setting.  As the machine “listens” for noise from outside sources, it constantly readjusts itself in a way that is imperceptible to the listener.

With a sleek, unobtrusive design this sound machine hits all the right notes for people with all kinds of sleeping troubles.

A closer look at the features and functions of The Ecotones Sleep Machine can be found here


The HoMedics SS-2000G/F-AMZ Sound Spa Relaxation Machine with 6 Nature Sounds   is a neat, silver unit which offers a great choice of ambient sounds. There’s Summer Night featuring the gentle sounds of crickets and a light breeze, Ocean with distant crashing waves that sound so realistic, you’ll imagine yourself to be lying in a fishing boat in the Caribbean rather than in your bed; and then there is Brook with the trickling babbling sound of natural water flow. In addition to these there’s also Rain, Thunder and White Noise so no matter what mood you’re in there will be the perfect soundtrack to your good night’s sleep!



For those who are after less choice but more regularity, then there’s the Marpac Dohm-DS Dual Speed Sound Conditioner which is a clever unit that is designed to produce perfect white noise without the aid of recordings. This machine is one of the originals and is technically called a Sound Conditioner which means that it’s designed to produce white noise naturally.

It uses no recordings and has a two-speed operation to enable the user to choose the volume and intensity of the background noise which will most benefit them. The unit is small and comes with a long lead so that you can easily transport it wherever you’re going and utilise it in hotels or whilst visiting family. Because White Noise is a great “masker” of other sounds, users will find that disturbing background sounds such as traffic or neighbours’ radios, will be drowned out and effectively disappear…meaning a good night’s sleep beckons.


This is a great machine for anyone who finds sleep difficult due to distracting sounds from the immediate environment as it allows for a blank canvass to be created where the mind can truly turn off and lose itself in rest.


 Sound Machines for Children


  Night melodyChildren of all ages can sometimes need a little help getting off to sleep and rather than struggle with a wakeful, restless child why not try out one of the fabulous sleep machines designed just for the small people in our lives? The Cloud b Sound Machine Soother by Cloud b is a fantastic all round sound machine designed especially for children.


There are several designs in the range so plenty to choose from according to taste and because the designer understands children and how messy they can be, these soft and cuddly creatures which hide the actual machine inside their bodies, are machine washable! Each animal, giraffe, lamb, monkey and rabbit looks to all intents and purposes like an ordinary soft toy meant to give comfort to a child. But inside there is a high quality and well designed sound machine to help your baby, toddler or older child drift off to sleep, lulled by a variety of well chosen sounds.






The giraffe and monkey sound machines are designed to include not only the choice of white noise or a Mother’s heartbeat but also the gentle sounds of the jungle in their repertoire. The lamb and rabbit models also include nature sounds in addition to white noise and Mother’s heartbeat.


Each toy has a Velcro hook included so that parents may safely attach the toy to the bars of a crib or cot and if you’d like to wash the toy, then the machine is easily removed through an opening in the back. The volume is adjustable and there are two timing selections to choose from…so depending on how long your child takes to fall asleep, you can select the optimum period for the sounds to play.

View the collection here Cloud B


Sound machines are a very useful tool when it comes to soothing children to sleep…these lovely sound machines are not only perfect for newborns and toddlers; even older children will delight in the cute range and in the relaxing sounds. The quality of the toy itself is very high and most children will fall in love with these as a comfort toy in their own right…they’re more than a sleep aid and will become a real friend to most children.


Sound machines are a wonderful innovation and as they’re more controllable than a radio or mobile, users can adjust them to suit their individual needs and most people find that they are extremely effective in improving sleep quality.


Before you make your selection, think carefully about what it is that you need to “fix” about your sleep or that of your child’s. If the problem is actually falling asleep then a combination of both white noise and soothing sounds could prove to be just the ticket…if you find staying asleep difficult then it’s highly likely that white noise will sort out your problems. Try a combination of sounds and experiment to see which suit you or your child best…your sleep is vital to your health and improving your rest, will have amazing benefits in terms of your daily life.


* What is White , Pink and Brown noise?

White noise is uncorrelated sound; sound across all frequencies like the ‘snow’ on the t.v screen. It is good for sleep, as well as reading, writing studying and anything that requires focus.

Brown noise is highly correlated and predictable. It is deeper than white noise and has more of an ambient rumble. It aids sleep and helps people with tinnitus and migraines while also calming people and animals.

Pink noise lives in a world between white and brown. It is a blend of high and low frequencies and is good for drowning out the world and melting away stress. Examples of pink noise are: wind, heartbeat, breathing and a steady flow of traffic.

The Ecotone Sleep & Sound machine contains all three.












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How Noise Will Help You Sleep

How Noise Will Help You Sleep Better

According to sleep experts, surrounding environment plays a vital role when it comes to getting an undisturbed sleep. Lighting, uncomfortable mattress and disturbing noises can interrupt your sleep making you feel drowsy in the morning. While you can actually improve the lighting condition and buy a suitable mattress, you cannot however control disturbing noises. These noises may include traffic noise, dog barks, and TV noises. Some people are blessed with the ability to sleep through any kind of noise but for everyone else it can be a reason for getting incomplete sleep. Now there is no possible way you can control the noise coming into your bedroom from outside. However, you can mask these background sounds using a special type of sound signals.


What is ambient noise?


Known as ambient noise, white noise, sleep sounds, and masking noise, these artificial sounds can be used to cover background noises enabling you to create an environment perfect for sleep. Ambient noise is not musical at all but sounds like TV or radio static. This type of sound overpowers any other noise in the surrounding environment creating a disturbance free ambiance. This is why some office uses ambient noise to create a comfortable workspace for their employees.



Why doesn’t ambient noise itself cause any disturbance in sleep?


Now to answer the most obvious question in your mind, white noise by itself doesn’t cause any in disturbance in sleep. Our brain ignores consistent background noises. This is why people have no trouble sleeping with the constant sound of the air conditioner or the fan. This is because the consistent pattern of the sound trains the brain to ignore it. In some cases people even get used to these consistent sound patterns and have trouble sleeping without them as their brain expects the sound every time they go to sleep. However, our brain is also tuned to respond to startling noises. This is why even the faintest barks, screeches, and horns can cause an alarm and disturb your sleep.



How to create ambient noise?


There are countless devices and gadgets available in the market that has the ability to create ambient noise that can mask the disturbing noises. All you need to do is find a solution that suits your budget and need.


Standalone Devices:


There are more than a few devices are specifically built for this purpose. These standalone machines can create a variety of ambient noises from waterfall to consistent jungle noises. Although you have to shell out extra to buy these machines, these sleep sound machines usually comes with loads of pre recorded ambient noises and can give your DVD player a break. You can read about the best current sound machine options >here<


Other Alternate Devices:


Smartphone: There are many free apps available in the market that are specifically made to create ambient noises. So if you don’t want to spend money to buy an independent device you can always download these apps and play it before you hit the bed.


Mp3 Player: A simple Google search is all you need to find ambient noise audio files. So if you have a mp3 player, download these files play them before going to sleep.


Radio: You can use a radio to create ambient noise. All you need to do tune in to a blank frequency in between stations. This will create the typical radio static noise, which is perfect for masking sound.

Brown Noise Can Help You Sleep

Brown noise can help you sleep, as can white, pink and gray

According to many doctors and experts, a good night’s sleep is one of the most important parts of the daily routine. It is very efficient to keep you healthy and prevent you from many mental and other disorders. Many people can sleep through the thunderstorm, but for some people, sleeping in the noisy environment can be very struggling. There are different kind of noises, which can affect your sleeping pattern. Some noises can help you sleep, in a more effective manner, but some sounds can be very frustrating, while sleeping.

Colors of noises-

Many manufacturers are creating some amazing sleep sound systems, nowadays, which can help you to sleep, more efficiently. These machines can be loaded with different colors of noises, which, basically, are just different kinds of sounds to help you sleep, depending on the color. There are many colors of noises, which are White, Brown, Gray, Pink, and many more.

White Noise- This noise is a special kind of noise, which, basically, suppress the background sounds or ambient noise. This noise helps to drown out the unnecessary sounds, which can prevent you to falling asleep or waking up, while sleeping. In technical terms, this noise can be any kind of constant and unchanging noise. It can be nature sounds or machinery sounds or some other kind of sounds, which can help people to sleep, tight. This noise blends with other unnecessary sounds very well, that the end result will be very soothing and your brain will flush out other unnecessary sounds, so you can get a tight and efficient sleep, every time.

Brown noise- In technical terms, the squared of its frequency is inversely proportional to its density. According to some experts, this noise can be more soothing than white, which can help you to sleep more efficiently, than others. Many agencies also used this noise to cure Hyperacusis and tinnitus.

Gray noises- In simple terms, gray noises are just a variation of white, but gray noise is not as commonly used as white. The perception, which listener gets in this noise, is that it creates equal energy in all different levels of frequencies.

If you are looking for a peaceful environment in your bedroom, to sleep, then, these noises prove to be very efficient, to achieve the desired results. These noises block out all unwanted and unpleasant sounds, which can be bothersome for you, while sleeping.

There are many great apps available in the market, through which, you can use these noises, and create a perfect environment, in your bedroom, for sleeping. (White Noise Lite for Android, or SimplyNoise from iTunes for example)

If you have a decent budget, then you can buy some amazing state of the art sleep sound systems, (the current ultimate sound machine is the Ecotones Sound + Sleep Machine) or if your budget is  low, then you can get some good apps as mentioned above, for your mobile phones, and get the benefits of these noises. Of course, with these apps, you won’t get the amazing experience, which you can obtain from a great sound machine.


Of course, with the help of these noises and amazing sleep systems, available in the market, you can create a relaxing and conducive to sleep environment in your bedroom, but if you are still having problems, with your sleep, then you should also consult with your health care provider.


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sleep/sound machines for children and babies

Sleep/Sound Machines For Children And Babies

Sleep/Sound Machines For Children And Babies.

sleep/sound machines for children and babies

Sleep/sound machines are one of those inventions that parents need to know about before the baby is born! This device could just prevent you from experiencing months, or even years of sleepless insanity; and I believe that all parents should at least know what is available to them and why they may be the answer for your baby.



If you have had a child who was a troublesome sleeper you will know what I mean when I say it can feel extremely frustrating to be told, or to learn how one of these little inventions might have saved you and your child from many fraught and fractious nights (and the days that join them) after it was so desperately needed.

A newborn has just spent his life in a very noisy environment (the womb is a noisy place;  about 90 decibels which is like hearing a train going past your window!). External sounds are muffled by the constant white noise which is all a baby knows and so it just feels right.

Suddenely and inexplicably entering a bright environment where sound becomes deafeningly loud, interspersed with overwhelming silence can for some sensitive babies be very disconcerting, hence babies love white (or constant) noise to sooth them.

Like any parent, when faced with an unhappy baby/child you will go through a list of what might be wrong and you will do anything to address it. Buying a sleep/sound machine should be among the first things you think of in your mission to help your child (and you..see best sleep machines for adults) sleep.

For help with choosing one we at The Sleep Hub have selected six of the best available. (only the best for your baby!)


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