The Rabbit Book Making Kids Fall Asleep

The Miraculous Book That Sends Your Child To Sleep

The Rabbit Who Wants To Fall Asleep has been making headlines and causing a stir across the media due to the fact that it is the first self-published work to top the charts of Amazon. Many people believe that the book’s success has been based on the unique approach that it utilizes when it comes to providing children with a bedtime story that has been engineered to get them to fall asleep on a subconscious level.


The Rabbit Who Wants To Fall Asleep
The book itself was created by a Swedish behavioral psychologist who goes by the name of Carl-Johan Forssen Ehrlin. As the name suggests, the book is centered on a young rabbit who is trying to fall asleep. During this young rabbit’s attempt to fall asleep, it meets a variety of cunningly named characters such as Heavy Eyed Owl and Uncle Yawn.

How It Works
The thing that makes this book so effective at getting children to sleep is the fact that the author of the book utilized his skills as a behavioural psychologist to integrate a few psychological and reinforcement techniques, that essentially causes the listener of the book to fall asleep more easily. During the course of the book, parents are specifically instructed to reinforce these psychological factors, by doing certain things, such as yawning frequently. They are also instructed to emphasize certain words that can help to entice children to go to sleep such as drowsy, sleepy for example. Additionally, parents are instructed to emphasize these physiologically suggestive text in a slow and calm voice. The author of the book proclaims, that the book contains a bedtime story, embedded with physiological and positive reinforcement techniques throughout the book, whose sole purpose is to invoke a feeling of sleepiness.

Scientific Evidence
Lets take a look at a few of the techniques that the book focuses on that help a child sleep:

* Yawning – In the book, there are certain points , where the parent is instructed to yawn. Yawning, as you may know, has a contagious effect. If one person yawns within a room, then it’s almost a guarantee that someone else will yawn as well. But science suggests that yawning induces sleepiness as well.

* Suggestive Text – The book instructs the parent to utilize a variety of suggestive words and phrases whose sole purpose is to invoke a subconscious response. For example, hearing the words ‘delicious’, ‘savoury’ and ‘scrumptious’ can invoke a feeling of hunger. Similarly, the book contains a wide variety of suggestive words such as ‘sleepy’, ‘tired’ and ‘heavy eyed’, which can invoke the feeling of sleepiness.

Does It Work?
As mentioned before, this type of book is the first self- published work to hit the top of the charts at Amazon. Frankly, if the book did not do an effective job at what the author promised, at least for the majority of parents, it would have never been able to top the charts of one of the number one marketplaces in the world.

Many parents have claimed that they were able to get their children to fall asleep within minutes, as opposed to hours.

Some online reviews, claim that the book in itself is a pioneer of a new era of books that utilize a story book setup with a few integrated psychological techniques that will help millions upon millions of parents in the future, when it comes to giving their children a real bed time story that actually puts them to sleep.

At around $13 or £8 this has surely got to be worth a shot for any parent.