Brown Noise Can Help You Sleep

Brown noise can help you sleep, as can white, pink and gray

According to many doctors and experts, a good night’s sleep is one of the most important parts of the daily routine. It is very efficient to keep you healthy and prevent you from many mental and other disorders. Many people can sleep through the thunderstorm, but for some people, sleeping in the noisy environment can be very struggling. There are different kind of noises, which can affect your sleeping pattern. Some noises can help you sleep, in a more effective manner, but some sounds can be very frustrating, while sleeping.

Colors of noises-

Many manufacturers are creating some amazing sleep sound systems, nowadays, which can help you to sleep, more efficiently. These machines can be loaded with different colors of noises, which, basically, are just different kinds of sounds to help you sleep, depending on the color. There are many colors of noises, which are White, Brown, Gray, Pink, and many more.

White Noise- This noise is a special kind of noise, which, basically, suppress the background sounds or ambient noise. This noise helps to drown out the unnecessary sounds, which can prevent you to falling asleep or waking up, while sleeping. In technical terms, this noise can be any kind of constant and unchanging noise. It can be nature sounds or machinery sounds or some other kind of sounds, which can help people to sleep, tight. This noise blends with other unnecessary sounds very well, that the end result will be very soothing and your brain will flush out other unnecessary sounds, so you can get a tight and efficient sleep, every time.

Brown noise- In technical terms, the squared of its frequency is inversely proportional to its density. According to some experts, this noise can be more soothing than white, which can help you to sleep more efficiently, than others. Many agencies also used this noise to cure Hyperacusis and tinnitus.

Gray noises- In simple terms, gray noises are just a variation of white, but gray noise is not as commonly used as white. The perception, which listener gets in this noise, is that it creates equal energy in all different levels of frequencies.

If you are looking for a peaceful environment in your bedroom, to sleep, then, these noises prove to be very efficient, to achieve the desired results. These noises block out all unwanted and unpleasant sounds, which can be bothersome for you, while sleeping.

There are many great apps available in the market, through which, you can use these noises, and create a perfect environment, in your bedroom, for sleeping. (White Noise Lite for Android, or SimplyNoise from iTunes for example)

If you have a decent budget, then you can buy some amazing state of the art sleep sound systems, (the current ultimate sound machine is the Ecotones Sound + Sleep Machine) or if your budget is  low, then you can get some good apps as mentioned above, for your mobile phones, and get the benefits of these noises. Of course, with these apps, you won’t get the amazing experience, which you can obtain from a great sound machine.


Of course, with the help of these noises and amazing sleep systems, available in the market, you can create a relaxing and conducive to sleep environment in your bedroom, but if you are still having problems, with your sleep, then you should also consult with your health care provider.


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