All Hail The Night Owls

7 Reasons Why It’s Great To Be a Night Owl

There’s no doubt that those who sleep early and wake up early are always on the positive side when it comes to good health, however, there is good news for the night people among us who also reap a number of benefits associated with their routine of going to bed late. However, the wonderful advantages bagged by those who work at night are often not talked about. Throwing some light on those benefits, here are seven reasons why it’s great to be a night owl.

1. Those Staying up Till Late Showcase A Higher IQ

It is quite likely for more intelligent children to grow up into nocturnal adults going to bed late and waking up late, as concluded by an evolutionary scientist at the London School of Economics and Political Science, Satoshi Kanazawa. Although, night owls exhibit a higher IQ, the early birds have greater chances of achieving success. A study conducted on 367 students who were asked about the time of day they felt most active, backs the statement as a large number of early birds gave answers that work as a sign of proactivity.

2. Night People Have Higher Night Strength

Around the evening, night people show an increase in their spinal cord excitability and levels of motor cortex. Thus, they perhaps, remain more physically strong during the evening and at night than the early birds, whereas the morning people experience a consistent level of strength throughout the day.

3. People Who Work at Night Are Usually More Creative

According to various studies, it has been concluded that when it comes to finding creative and innovative ways to tackle problems, people who work at night are more likely to excel. The reason behind this increased creativity is that staying up during the late hours promotes the ability to look out for alternative solutions to things, as well as leads to night owls becoming a little more experimental than adopting the regular ways of living.

4. They Are The Winners of Inductive Reasons Tests

After studying the sleep cycles of about thousand teenagers, a study was released by the University of Madrid, according to which night owls gained better in intelligence tests or inductive reasons tests, whereas those who follow ‘early to bed and early to rise’ achieved higher grades.

5. President Obama Himself Being A Night Person Accompanies the Night Owls

All the night owls would be glad to know that they have got great company in waking up through the night. President Obama once shared that he loves to read at night. In fact, he even highlighted on his daily routine, and explained that after working out in the morning, he reaches his office and works till the evening, specifically till 6:30 pm. Further, after having his dinner with the family, he spends some time with his kids and lets them off to sleep around 8:30 pm. The President of the United States completes some of his paperwork and goes through briefing papers, followed by devoting nearly half an hour to his love for reading before he goes to sleep around or after midnight.

6. Night Owls are More Active Even After Staying Up For Many Hours

It has been researched and observed that night owls exhibit higher level of brain activity for more hours after waking up, as well as higher ability to pay attention in comparison to those who rise early. A study conducted by the University of Liege in Belgium observed 16 highly morning people and 15 extreme night birds having them follow their regular sleep routine. Their brain activity were measured right after they woke up, as well as 10.5 hours later. Although, the levels were almost equal after getting up, the second measurements showed night owls had much more mental alertness even after staying up for more than 10 hours.

7. Night People Are Recognised by “The Night Owl Society”

Working over 12 years as a freelance illustrator for several brands throughout the world and finding many other creative people working amazingly at night, Von Glitschka created “The Night Owl Society” to share their work with each other through a Facebook group. Once a night owl applies for a membership and gets selected, they are rewarded with a Night Owl Creative Pack constituting some great goodies, access to the Facebook page of the society, as well as a membership certificate.

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