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Astral Projection

Is Astral Projection Real? 


out of body astral travel experience

 Astral Projection, also known as an out-of-body experience or astral travel, is a phenomenon which has been researched and attempted by millions of people since history began. There is evidence of its discussion and possibly its occurrence in ancient Egypt, India and China and even today, the ability to transcend the body and leave it behind like a “shell” is something which many people pursue.


What is Astral Projection though? Is it simply a state of being which can be brought about by hours of meditation and which is in fact a mere hallucination or is it a “real” thing…can the soul leave the body and then return again at will?


Speaking to those who claim to experience Astral Projection on a regular basis, it would seem that “bringing it about” is possible and not only possible but also manageable by just about anyone. Some people who have experienced Astral Projection claim to have done so by accident; either they have found themselves “looking down on themselves” or they have left their bodies during times of extreme stress or illness.


What conditions then are best to bring about Astral Projection deliberately and indeed is it even possible? If you have an interest in Astral Projection and would like to learn how to perform Astral Projection, you could begin by looking at basic meditation techniques.


How to Attempt Astral Projection

The first thing you’ll need is a calm, warm and quiet room; choose a time when you will not be disturbed by other people who may be in the house and turn phones off. Wear something comfortable and loose fitting and lie down in the room which should be dimly lit.


Allow your mind to wander for a while…don’t “try” to be in any particular state at all…simply be. When you feel relaxed, begin to notice your thoughts; what are you thinking about and what can you feel? Don’t fight the thoughts and feelings, simply notice them and allow them to be present.


Soon you should begin to feel a pleasant sensation of warmth and relaxation; now begin to focus in on your body. Take notice of your toes, your legs, your hips, stomach, chest and upper body. Imagine yourself moving your fingers but keep them still…think about your leg lifting up in the air but do not move it at all.


Continue like this until you begin to notice yourself grow sleepy and as you approach the moment of sleep begin to envision the room in which you are lying. See every corner and everything which is present but do not open your eyes. You may at this point begin to feel some odd sensations but do not worry…imagine yourself standing up slowly out of your body and viewing the room around you. You may get as far as partly leaving your body behind on a first attempt or you may not…the important thing is to keep practising as it can take many attempts before anything concrete will occur.


Is Astral Projection “Real”?

This is an ongoing debate and one which causes many disagreements. Whatever the truth, the fact is that there are many, many reports from people who claim to have left their bodies behind and there have been for thousands of years. It could be a case of no smoke without fire…something occurs for some people when the conditions and their state of mind are “correct”…but whether you can consciously make Astral Projection happen remains open to discussion. However, unless you have truly studied the subject and dedicated a decent amount of time to its craft, can you really shun the concept?

For further information about Astral projection two of the most highly-acclaimed books that we recommend are:

This book suggests dedicating 30 minutes a day for one month. The rave reviews shows people following his methods have great success; even those who were skeptical have been surprised (and sometimes spooked) by the results.



Robert Bruce shows you what to do and when. It is set out as an easy-to-follow 13 week project. The first half of the book focuses on the prerequisit skills to have an out-of-body experience. The second half focuses on actually having the experience. A 90 day program that has had much reported success among its readers. The book also comes with a CD-ROM  which contains an electronic dream journal template, affirmations recorded on MP3, and a shareware program called the BrainWave Gen, a stereo headphone sound program that has 25 listening “presets”, each lasting from 60 to 90 minutes. All-in-all this is well worth the money!


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