always tired

Always Tired

always tired

“I’m always tired.” Is the complaint which many people find themselves repeating over and over again before they realise that exhaustion is affecting their entire life and this debilitating issue is one which affects millions of people every day.

People of all ages suffer from the symptoms of exhaustion; the dragging, heavy feeling which overtakes your body is extremely hard to deal with and can make ordinary, everyday tasks almost impossible to manage. If you’re always tired and find yourself wondering what’s wrong with you, it’s sensible to take a long hard look at your life and at your habits before seeking medical attention.


Asking some simple questions about your lifestyle can help to fix the issue so that you can begin to enjoy a full, productive life once more.


  • Do you drink alcohol? Alcohol can seriously affect your sleeping habits. It might appear to relax you but in actual fact, it puts your body under stress and causes dehydration. These factors result in a very poor quality of sleep and no matter how early you go to bed, you will find yourself tired the next day as your body struggles to process the alcohol consumed the day before. Try to avoid consuming alcohol and see what a difference it can make.


  • Do you drink caffeine? Many adults enjoy a cup of coffee or tea in the evening but if you’re drinking them after around 6.00pm then the caffeine will play havoc with your sleeping routine. Stop drinking tea and coffee after 6.00pm and your sleep quality should improve immediately.


  • Are you eating late at night? Your digestion will let you know if it’s unhappy with the hours you’re keeping! Many people who work or lead busy lives in general, find that they simply don’t have time to sit down to dinner until 8.00pm. This is simply too late to eat a heavy evening meal. If at all possible, it is far preferable to eat earlier. If you simply can’t manage this, eat only a light meal such as soup, scrambled eggs or an omelette. Avoid spicy or very seasoned dishes as they’re too rich to allow a good night’s sleep!


  • Are you watching disturbing television programmes? It’s all very well to sit down to a nice evening in front of the television but watch what you choose to view! Murder mystery shows, ghostly goings on and science fiction may be your favourite forms of entertainment but they don’t give your brain much chance to relax! Try to opt for more peaceful things to watch in the evenings and your dreams will be less disturbed.


  • Are you overweight? Carrying extra pounds is something a huge percentage of the population struggle with quite literally on a daily basis. The strain on your body will add to a general feeling of tiredness and the only way to return to a feeling of well being is to drop a few pounds! Join a weight loss programme and see how your energy levels return to normal.


Sometimes none of the above is relevant and in this case it is important to seek medical advice. People suffer from a feeling of exhaustion for many reasons including low iron levels, glandular disorders and metabolic issues. If you feel that your lifestyle is not to blame, see your doctor and discuss your tiredness with a professional.